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Our latest Innovation!

Smooth Ride by ROLAS® SlimFigure

RATED BEST in the magazine CAVALLO - July 2013


This Panty is particularly suitable for all active equestriennes

who want functional underwear tailored to their specific needs.


Exclusively cut with a double gore area as well as lifting effect

the Slim Figure Panty`s body shape ensures a comfortable

sent in the saddle.


Tested for female world champions!





.... Proven

Smooth Ride by ROLAS® FF with Silicon Inlay


We seriously addressed the issue of "saddle soreness"...

This specific underwear is specially designed for horseback riding.


EU patented functional underwear for active females from all

equestrian disciplines, who have been impaired in their "center"

- the pelvis as well as the sensitive genital area.


A protective allergy-tested and skin-friendly Silicon Inlay

is either inserted in the panty or used directly on the bare skin.


Panty & Special Inlay protects the endangered area to the greatest

possible extend, frictionless and preventing problems when in contact

with saddles of any kind.


ROLAS Innovations® - joy in equestrian sports!