Anja Moench - Director Manager of ROLAS Innovations®



The inventor of Smooth Ride by ROLAS® is also known as instructor

for Classical Dressage, Western Riding and Natural Horsemanship.



Qualifications and Licences
DOSB Trainers Licence (German Olympic Sports Confederation)
Trainer B Leistungssport (competitive sport) FN/GER - 2008
with award Gebrüder Lüdtke-Westhues/FN - 2009
Trainer B Leistungssport (competitive sport) EWU/GER - 2009
with award Gebrüder Lüdtke-Westhues/FN - 2010
Member of Traininggroup South/GER - Dr. Gerd Heuschmann since 2009
Trainer C Leistunssport (competitive sport) FN/GER - 2005
Certificate Ground Handling/ Natural Horsemanship BLSV Munich - 2010
Additional Qualification Schooling Seat and Balance acc. to E. Meyners - WRFS Münster - 2014
Neurokinetic Practitioner - Michael Geitner 2015

Qualifications as movement pedagogue/ dancer/ dance pedagogue
DOSB Health Care Professional (German Olympic Sports Confederation) - January 2015
Fascial Fitness Trainer Intro - Robert Schleip - October 2015
The Franklin Method International/ Educator - January 2015
Classical Ballet/ Modern Dance/ Jazz Ballet



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