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Customer Reviews

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I’m so excited about the Smooth Ride underwear with inlay. I’ve always had wounds when riding, even quite bloody. Now there is nothing, absolutely nothing, and I am thrilled and will definitely recommend it! Top invention. To top that off, I have now bought my first horse, as I can ride every day without any problems.

February 2018

I ride a lot of training horses every day, so the right underwear is particularly important to me. With the Smooth Ride Panty I still feel good at the end of the day. The material is particularly comfortable on the skin and above all, the longer legs ensure that nothing slips up and everything move freely. I no longer know saddle soreness! And I’m also very fond of them when cycling.

Sylvia Rzepka (WM Team 2006 Aachen / 2010 Lexington Kentucky)
October 2017

It 100% works! I tried everything but again and again I had saddle-soreness in the pubic area (in different places). The pain was unbearable. With the Smooth Ride inlay I am pain free. Thank you!

July 2017

After about 25 years I started riding again. From the first time I sat back in the saddle, I felt pain when riding. I tried everything possible but they were all unsuccessful. I happened to come across this site while looking online. Yesterday I tried the inlay, direct on the naked skin, for the first time and I am thrilled. It is the first time I could ride without pain. The inlay did move to the left on me, so I have now ordered the pants.

November 2016

There is no unpleasant pressure. The material of the pants is comfortable on the skin, the rider does not sweat and can wear her riding pants as usual. The “SlimFigure Panty” is our favourite.

Cavallo Magazin Product Review
July 2013

I am very happy to have found this product. Since the very first time in the saddle 13 years ago, I have felt pain when riding. It comes sooner or later depending on the saddle. I have tried everything (unsuccessfully) and even thought about giving up, as riding in comfort was not at all possible. Thanks to the Smooth Ride underwear, in combination with a fur coat on the saddle, my comfort is significantly better and the pain is a good 70% less. Unfortunately, I can not say that I no longer have any problems because for some reason the inlay always moves to the left, so everything sits “crooked”. That again leads to friction or not all areas being “padded”. Without the pants, I can not wear the inlay because it does not hold. Nevertheless, I am satisfied and happy that I can now get a good half an hour riding without pain and can also go out riding, which was previously not possible. I would be glad if the product would be reworked and there might be wider and slightly longer inlays. It seems as if the current is a bit too narrow and short for me (does not cover all areas).

October 2015

I am not riding horses but am very active with my mountain bike over bumpy ground and stone. I have used the inlay for three years and am completely satisfied. If I had not discovered this homepage at the time, I would not be able to cycle today, let alone take several days of riding through the mountains. Thank you for developing this!

May 2015

The Smooth Ride underwear and inlay are a revelation for the occasional rider, who hasn’t built up much tolerance to riding. I’ve never had such a relaxed three day trek. On the second day I laid the inlay directly on the skin, which was again more pleasant. You can concentrate entirely on the horse, the nature and your fellow riders, without burning and chafing. Women, buy the magic pillow, it pays you back every penny of its cost. And the pants are then like normal sports pants, they are very comfortable for other sports also.

Gudrun Pfeifer
May 2015

I am thrilled, although the price is a bit high. A thousand thanks for developing my salvation! I’ve tried everything for years and nothing has helped. Thanks to the inlay I’m no longer bloodied and bruised when I get off the horse. The days after riding used to be unthinkable for me, now that is gone! Thank you, thank you, thank you! However, I have a problem that the legs roll up and rub on the upper leg. This is much better for me than in the pubic area but maybe you can do further research and development. Personally, I have had the best experience with riding underwear in the panty (slips) design. Maybe there is such a thing in the near future? I would like to be the first customer!

Julia Reher
August 2013

I got my Smooth Ride by Rolas Slim Figure underwear yesterday and immediately tried it. I find it absolutely great because it fits very comfortably, with the gusset as close as possible and having extra support. This is sufficient protection for me during the riding. I think the legs could be a bit shorter, however, they did not roll up under my riding pants as I feared at first. Nevertheless, it would be absolutely optimal for me if the legs were 4cm shorter. That is my only suggestion. Otherwise, thank you for the innovative development!

August 2013

I wear the inlay directly on the skin – because in the underwear it sits too far back – and I am super satisfied. I no longer have pain when I stand up and sit down in the saddle. Many Thanks.

June 2013

I’ve been riding for a couple of years. I take lessons and think that I have a good technique which does not move in the saddle. In addition, I take Alexander Technique lessons with my horse, which gives you a really well-balanced seat in the saddle. I have tried everything but the Smooth Ride inlay is the first thing that really helps! I wear it directly on the skin and the damage has ended! I will never do without it again 🙂

June 2013

I have worn the inlay directly on the skin for at least 5 years! I am extremely satisfied. Unfortunately, my inlay is now torn and I am painfully aware without it. Fortunately, it is easy to get a replacement. For all riders who are sensitive to this pain, I highly recommend Smooth Ride! Thumbs up!!

Christine K.
May 2013

I have finally tried the black Smooth Ride pants, which I gave myself for Christmas. Yesterday I wore the pants with the inlay and actually didn’t squeal in pain this time riding (same horse, same saddle). I have a feeling of pressure, where the inlay was sitting but this will surely pass quickly. I am very relieved that there is such a thing. I will continue to use it.

Januar 2013