The Smooth Ride Story

The Smooth Ride Story

Saddle Soreness is a topic rarely discussed among female riders – but unfortunately for many it is a common and frustrating problem.

Anja Mönch, the inventor of Smooth Ride functional underwear, has actively worked as a qualified instructor in the field of equestrian sports for over 20 years. She has 3 children of her own, and after giving birth she developed the protective underwear from her own very painful experiences.

“It is often misunderstood that all saddle soreness is caused by incorrect form in the saddle or defective equipment. In many cases it is a result of the anatomical shape or changes in a riders pubic area,” explains Anja.”My goal was to create a product where nothing will constrict, compress or rub, the solution in the crutch is invisible and it will help as many women as possible.”

A free and relaxed seat is the most essential connection between horse and rider – only through this is it possible for your horse to fully relax and perform with comfort and vitality. Smooth Ride functional underwear was born and finally there is a product to help relieve the pain and damage caused by saddle soreness for female riders.

Anja was quick to discover another role for Smooth Ride underwear – cycling.
“Every woman probably knows how uncomfortable and painful long bike rides or spin class can be – especially wearing incorrect underwear. Here our Smooth Ride underwear fits perfectly and helps ease the pain of saddle soreness.”

If you want to learn more about Anja Mönch, CEO of the company and her overall concept Anja Mönch … Move and Ride with a Smileplease feel free to visit us on Facebook, Instagram or


Hypertrophic Labia Minora

Many women of all ages are or will at some point in their lives be affected by that problem.

They perceive the inner lips of the vulva as

  • too big
  • unsymmetrical
  • malformed
  • bothering while wearing tight clothes
  • undressing creates feelings of shame
  • intercourse is often conceived as uncomfortable or painful
  • biking, hiking, riding and other sports cause pain
  • mycoses can occur more frequently as a result

Which alternatives do you have?

Of course today you can choose to have plastic surgery. But what if you decide against surgery and still want to actively participate in public life and sports – without being affected by any sort of pain? The silicone inlay of the Smooth Ride by ROLAS® FF has successfully been tested by active women all over the world. It can protect the inner labia most effectively, while being almost invisible from the outside and barely noticeable for you. If used under the right indication, the inlay wil prevent chafing to the greatest possible extent. Allow yourself to be persuaded by the efficiency and wearing comfort of our carefully manufactured functional underwear.