Set: Smooth Ride Inlay Panty + Silicone Inlay (white)


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The Smooth Ride Inlay Panty and Protective Inlay help prevent saddle soreness when riding. The elastic panty is designed with a pocket in the crotch to insert the protective silicone inlay. It is designed for women who experience saddle soreness discomfort or injury while riding. Our microfibre material used ensures temperature regulation and the specially designed cut provides a wrinkle free, comfortable fit.

  • High-quality microfibre (94% polyamide, 6% elastane) for optimal temperature regulation
  • High-quality cotton crotch ensures optimum comfort
  • Silicone Inlay made from an allergy-tested, skin-friendly material
  • Made in Germany
  • Color: white

The Smooth Ride Set includes one Smooth Ride Inlay Panty and one Smooth Ride Silicone Inlay.

Please note: Our Ride with a Smile / Smooth Ride products are evolving and may appear here different to what you receive. This will only affect branding and the colour of the inlay. Of course, our high quality remains the same and we continue to manufacture exclusively in Germany. Thank you for your understanding – we are eager to evolve and meet your needs.

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